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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ivycall.com ?
Ivycall.com is used to identify all information include name and address of a phone number. You do not have to worry to pick up call from unknown number. You can immediately find out who is trying to reach you out through this website. Moreover, you can keep some annoying numbers in spamming list so that you can recognise those unwanted numbers in future.
How does it work ?
This website shows details of an unidentified phone number when people enter a number what they are looking for. Once the match is found you will be able to know owner’s first name and last name, address, location of the caller, service provider name and much more. Besides, you can warn others about scammer by leaving a comment.
What numbers can be reversed ?
Actually all US phone numbers include landline and mobile numbers can be reversed. But if phone numbers are temporary and short term use, this website may not be able to identify those numbers.
How much does Ivycall.com charge ?
This website does not charge for reverse searching phone numbers. It is totally free of cost which can help you to reveal identity of phone numbers. You can get all information of a phone number without spending a buck.
Can I report or comment on toll free number as spam ?
Yes, you can report and comments on toll free number as spam. But we do not include some of toll free numbers in spam list such as
Emergency Services - 911
Traveller Information - 511
Information - 411
Non-Emergency Info - 311
Call Before You Dig - 811
Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS) - 711
Carrier Assistance - 611
Essential Human Services – 211