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About us

Ivycall.com is a free reverse phone directory and caller ID which helps people to identify the owner and address information belonging to a phone number. It helps you to find out who is actually trying to reach you. The site is completely free of charge that keeps people away from spending a huge buck in reverse searching phone number. This website can help you to get rid of receiving some spam calls. Also, you can leave comments to defend others from scammer, or prankster whatever they are.

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Search from our millions of records from our database

Apart from owner’s name and address you will be able to know where the number was registered, a map of their location, the service provider name, the type of service and much more. You do not have to pay even a penny for using this service. This website is applicable for both mobile and landlines.

Occasionally, this website unable to reveal some phone numbers. It may happen due to some short term or temporary numbers which are difficult to find out. But once the match is found it will show owner’s details.

So, search phone number on free of charge and get all information of unidentified number.