502-472-0228 Landline phone number from 3521 Whippoorwill Rd; Louisville, KY 40213-1020
Caller Location Information
Name : Mr John William Spencer JR
Address : 3521 Whippoorwill Rd; Louisville, KY 40213-1020
Phone Type : Wireless
Company : Sprint Spectrum LP
Email : j*********r@co****t.net
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Detailed Caller Information
Date of Birth : 9/17/1925
Age : 93
City : Louisville
County : Jefferson
Street Name : Whippoorwill
State : KY
Street Type : Rd
Zip : 40213
Other Numbers
  • (502) 458-6594
  • (502) 472-0228
Possible Aliases
  • John Spencer
  • John W Spencer
  • John William Spencer
  • Mr John W Spencer
  • John Spencer JR
Other Addresses
  • 3521 Whippoorwill Rd; Louisville, KY 40213-1020
Name of relatives
John William Spencer
Mary R Spencer
Crisanne A Salazar
Daniel Ray Adams JR
Jack W Spencer
Kerry K Emmott
Lynn Ward Adams
Michele Lyn Branch
Patricia D Haley
Arnold J Daks
Blake C Williams
Danny R Adams SR
Daryl Damon Williams
Donna K Spencer
Erika Bnkrptcy Salazar
Francisco Javier Salazar
Frank Juan Salazar JR
Garrett M Branch
Hunter L Emmott
Jeffrey L Wiggins
Jesus Salazar
John B Adams JR
John T Tharp SR
Kendell Williams
Kenneth Allen Branch
Kennie Bernard Branch
Laura C Adams
Laurie A Spencer
Linda G Dixson
Maria E Salazar
Maria I Salazar
Mark E Miller
Matthew A Branch
Michael D Woods
Molly M Adams
Pattsy A Rodriguez
Pattsy A Salazar
Roxanne Emmott
Ruben Raul Salazar
Sarbjit Singh Kooner
Sean O'leary
Shaun P Spencer
Stacey R Emmott
Stanley B Spencer
Suzanne K Angelo
Torey T Morris
Valerie Reazola
Wayne A Emmott